About Us

About Us

Avasar Mutual Benefit Nidhi Limitedis an innovative financial institution with high value growth prospects. Avasar Mutual Benefit Nidhi Limited aims to give value addition to the hard earned money of its members. By investing your savings, you are not only becoming our member client, but would also become a partner in the growth story of the company. The company plans to march with utmost sincerity in all its business endeavors. With strong dedication and sincerity, we are sure that the company will conquer every hurdle in its corporate journey and will grow along with the growth of its members like you and will lead the way to a mutually win- win situation for our members and clients.


To facilitate the growth and development of our people by encouraging team work and respect amongst our people no matter where in the world they may be and no matter what their roles may entail. To expand collaborative alliances, both public and private, thus creating a global intellectual environment, which streamlines efforts worldwide. To establish strategic partnerships which help our organization position itself well in one of the leading economies of the world, allowing for future expansion and growth;


"Our aspiration is to make great things happen." Our Mission also applies to our values and shapes the way the company is managed. In order for the Mission to be reliably implemented, we have created consistent tools and control systems. This enables us to actively shape our corporate culture and measure ourselves even better against our own principles. The corporate strategy is targeted to success, but equally respects the interests of employees, customers, providers of capital, and society. The mission of the Group is to build companies that are recognized nationally as being reputable, strong, proud and prosperous. It does this by investing in a skilled and qualified workforce, built on a solid foundation of Board and management expertise and good communications. Our values and strategy give our employees clear orientation for their daily work.