What is Member ?

When you become a member of Avasar Mutual Benefit Nidhi Limited, than company will allot you minimum ten (10) equity shares with price of Rs. 10/share and you have to pay Rs. 100 only as membership fee. After being a member you can also post your suggestion for improving the functioning of the Company. Our company functions like a well-oiled machine and we understand each other so well, we have spontaneously started treating our members as part of our organization. One can give input about new ventures; new business promotional activities and most important one help to build a strong corporate entity. As everyone knows the scenario of the country is changing day by day with the same scale of growth we need to run our organization. Members are like bricks in the construction of a bridge to touch the globalization.

Membership with Us

Any person intending to become a member of this company should subscribe minimum of ten (10) equity share or share equivalent to Rs.100/- , whichever is higher. In case an application for membership is accepted then on allotment, a share certificate will be issued, signed by any one of two Directors of the Company.

Who Can Be The Member Of The Company ?

An individual, who is competent to contract may, in general, become the member of this company.

How Can One Join The Company ?

It is very easy. You have to just fill up the membership form which is available in our company office. The Management committee will approve the same and you will be enrolled as a member of the company.